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2nd-Aug-2007 08:51 pm - ANNOUNCEMENT~
Just to let everyone know, I'm moving over to aero_graphics. From now on, I'll be posting all of my graphics there. :] Please go check it out! I'm sorry if this has caused any inconvenience -- I'll try to let all of my current affiliates right away. Thanks. ♥
27th-Jun-2007 07:28 pm - 05 // Request Pickup
I'm finished with all of the requests! :D;

Eyes on me nowCollapse )

Now everyone can request again if they'd like. :D If you want any modifications on your icon, just let me know! ♥
9th-Jun-2007 05:50 pm - 04 // Requests
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I'm taking icon requests!~ :3

Click for more info! ღCollapse )
11th-Mar-2007 12:35 pm - 03 // AFFILIATE
Want to affiliate with me? :D; Comment here with the name of your icon journal or community and I'll add you to my userinfo! ♥
10th-Mar-2007 09:08 pm - 02 // VARIOUS ICONS
Well, here's my first icon post! :D~ A few of these icons are old, but a lot of them are ones that I've just recently made.

Pokemon ↗ 11
Tales Series ↗ 6
Misc. (Final Fantasy III, Yu-Gi-Oh GX & Sailor Moon) ↗ 3
Total ↗ 20 icons

I can't recall when I last felt that feeling..Collapse )
25th-Feb-2007 11:38 am - 01 // RESOURCES
Here are the credits for the brushes/textures I use in my icons. :D;

Can't Stop the RainCollapse )
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